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Image Generation

Get unlimited FREE access to the leading image generation models with hyunGPT. Anything you can imagine and put into words, you can create!

Image Recognition

hyunGPT's not just a chatbot. hyunGPT is equipped with the state-of-the-art image recognition software that allows you to ask the most advanced questions about graphs, landscapes, and more!

Internet Browsing

Say goodbye to hallucinations and innacurate information from chatbots! hyunGPT has access to live information on the web, allowing it to search and browse in real time to provide you with the most accurate information.

And more!

hyunGPT also features YouTube video watching capabilities, music generation, image upscaling, text-to-speech, and more!

We're proud to be part of so many amazing communities.

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A Discord bot that supports multiple languages.

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A Discord bot that supports multiple languages.

Un bot de discord que soporta varios idiomas.

Дискорд-бот, поддерживающий множество языков.

Ang isang discord bot na nag susoporta ng madaming lenguahe.

Een Discord bot die meerdere talen ondersteund.

Ein Discord Bot welcher mehrere Sprachen unterstützt.

Birden çok dili destekleyen bir Discord botu.

Un bot Discord qui prend en charge plusieurs langues.

Discord ბოტი რომელიც მხარს უჭერს მრავალ ენას.

A Dispcprrd bot wheich sispeorts mutltile lanagauges.

A Discord bot that supports multiple languages.


Private and encrypted

All you and your members' chats are completely private and encrypted in a database far away!

Increase activity

Setup one (or multiple!) channels for hyunGPT to stay active in, and members will engage with the bot (even when they're the only online person in the server!)

Frequent Updates

The hyunGPT developers work hard behind the scenes to constantly update the bot and maintain it! This way you can continue to access the best AI in your server.

Active hyunGPT Staff

If you have any problems or suggestions our staff are here for you! Just drop by our community server and send a message :)

Unleash the power of AI today.

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